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Cooler Master White Colored PSU Extension Cable Kit (CMA-NEST16XXWT1-GL)

155 כולל מע"מ

  • 30cm Cable Length – Extension cables are long enough to conceal factory PSU cables in most standard ATX cases.
  • 16AWG Wire Type – Cables are thicker than standard industry cables for better durability, improved heat resistance, and increased current stability
  • PVC Sleeving – The outer layer of the cables is PVC colored sleeving, ensuring durability, a high quality appearance, and flexibility all at the same time
  • Universal Connectors – Extension cables will work with any PSU on the market that uses industry standard connectors: ATX 24 Pin, CPU 4+4 Pin, CPU 8 Pin, PCIe 6+2 Pin, PCIe 8 Pin
  • Full High-End System Cable Options – The Colored Extension Cable Kit offers enough extension cables to fully support a 16 EPS pin motherboard and two 16 pin GPU build

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