Antec Performance P120 White Crystal Mid-Tower case

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Antec Performance P120 Crystal White Mid-Tower case is a prime combination of aesthetics and performance. Featuring an industry-leading slide button design, front and side tempered glass panels, aluminum VGA holder and 2 x 360 mm radiator support simultaneously, P120 Crystal White offers the best configuration for your personal computer setup, and it’s ready to give you a mind-blowing user experience.

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Classic, but Way Better
Antec P120 Crystal White follows the minimalism design of Performance Series and brings it to the next level. Featuring the front and side tempered glass panels, P120 Crystal White affords a panoramic view of your well-planned PC setup and custom water-cooling loop.
Slide It, Swing It
Say goodbye to thumbscrews. P120 Crystal White comes with an industry-leading slide button design on the tempered glass side panel.
Up to the Top
The top-mounted PSU chamber frees the space at the bottom of P120 Crystal White, allowing users to have more options to plan their custom water-cooling loop and radiators.
Unparalleled Scalability
P120 Crystal White also comes with 7 x horizontal and 3 x vertical expansion slots, offering huge space for you to explore more potential PC configuration.
Aluminum VGA Holder
The inbuilt aluminum VGA holder is flexible, providing plenty of possible positions for graphics card.
Motherboard Support: Up to E-ATX (Up to 12" x 11")
2.5" SSD: 3
3.5" HDD/2.5" SSD(convertible): 2/1
Graphics Card Support: Up to 450 mm
CPU Cooler Support: Up to 185 mm
PSU Support: Up to 294 mm
Go Beyond Performance
Supporting up to 7 x 120 mm or 6 x 140 mm fans, also crafted to mount 2 x 360 mm radiators simultaneously.
Powerful Heat Dissipation
Designed for
VGA Heat Emission
Easy Access, Easy to Clean
For system integrators
Meet the Sublime Performance



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