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Dell Pro Wireless Headset – WL5022

949 כולל מע"מ

  • Superb wireless audio clarity Attend calls all day hassle-free with audio clarity and high-quality stereo sound. The built-in noise cancellation feature blocks out ambient noise from your surroundings ensuring that your conversations stay crisp and clear.
  • Intuitive features and convenient call controls Easy access to call features: Answer your calls, adjust the volume, redial, and mute/unmute on the go with convenient call controls on your headset . Wear it your way: Optimised for all day comfort and enhanced call quality, the headset can be worn with the boom mic on the left or right, whichever side you prefer. Hearing protection: This feature automatically detects sudden loud noises and prevents audio spikes to protect your hearing.
  • Comfortable and easy to use Comfortable and Secure: Leatherette earpads and an adjustable leatherette headband provide hours of comfort with a secure fit. Easy charging: Conveniently charge your headset by connecting it to your PC via the included USB cable. Seamless Integration: Switch across a multitude of devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones easily and conveniently. Pack up quick: Foldable earpads let you easily pack up and an included draw-string pouch protects your headset on the go.
  • Confirm your status at a glance: The status indicator light on your USB dongle lets you know if you’re on mute or in a call. Real time voice prompts: Enhanced audio alerts automatically announce your connection status, talk time and mute status. Track the location of your headset: Can’t remember where you left your headset? Use the Tile App on your smartphone to quickly find it.

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