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COUGAR RANGER The Perfect Sofa for Professional Gamers

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  • Headrest & Lumbar Design
  • Breathable Premium PVC Leather
  • Diamond Check Pattern Design
  • Unparalleled Comfort
  • Recliner system 95°~160°
  • Steel frame and high-quality components
  • Foldable footrest
  • Tilted backrest

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 Cougar logo
 Front left side angle view of the Cougar Ranger chair. Next to it on the right is a demonstration of a female sitting in the chair with a headset on her head and a PS4 controller in her hands. At the bottom is stylized text reading as “Gamer Pro”

Cougar Ranger

The Perfect Sofa for Professional Gamers

Ranger provides with the full range of comfort for console gamers, mobile gamers, handheld gamers or PC gamers. It's toughly built with full steel frame to support up to 160 kg loads. Premium materials, headrest, lumbar support and recline-adjustable backrest work together to bring you through you gaming or movie sessions, strain- or fatigue-free. Clean design, classic color scheme and diamond check pattern allow the Ranger to fit with a variety of living spaces.

 Closeup of the headrest and lumbar support

Headrest & Lumbar Design

Closeup of the headrest

Breathable Premium PVC Leather

 Top view of the seat

Diamond Check Pattern Design

 Illustration of the backrest reclining from 95° to 160°
Unparalleled Comfort

Recliner system 95°~160°


Line drawing of chair from front and side, with dimensions marked out



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