ASUS Dual Band 802.11AC Wireless-AC2100 PCI-E Bluetooth 5 Gigabit Wi-Fi Adapter, 160MHz Support PCE-AC58BT

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  • Dual band 802.11AC allows control over both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands to provide the best flexibility and speeds.
  • 160 MHz support offers double the speeds over the legacy 802.11AC and maximum Bandwidth for lower latency and stream quality.
  • Downlink MU-MIMO allows an Access Point to simultaneously transmit data to multiple clients, improving overall downlink capacity by over 3x.
  • Bluetooth 5 technology doubles the transmit speed, and provides 4x the range over the previous generation of Bluetooth.
  • External antenna base provides increased coverage and range for the best connectivity.

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